Comfortably seated in the  Bluesummer Electric Car Wine tour, with or without driver or guide, you will discover the fabulous Bordeaux area, vineyards, castles and its wine experts . Wine-e- tour is an amusing tour, respecting the environmental, which allows you to admire an unique landscape and the wonderful people living there.

If you want,you can also try the fantastic sensation of riding in a side-car as well as with the amazing Bluesummer electric car.

Installed in the Bluesummer, you will feel the force of the terroir, the generosity of the vines, and the beauty of landscape of this marvellous region. And, at the end, you will just have to taste the local specialities.

€60  — 40 minutes

Take your place in the Bluesummer Electric car for your 90 minute tour . You can visit the varied vineyards of Bordeaux You will be able to appreciate the effects of the different soil types too. You are sure to admire the beauty of monuments and the kindness of the hosts. Of course, you will enjoy tasting local products.

€120  — 90 minutes

Great tour to discover the Bordeaux vineyards and their castles.
From 2 to 3 10 minute stops, with a delicious tasting break .

Choose the big tour on board the Bluesummer Electric car and you begin real initiation in order to understand the strength and the beauty of the Bordeaux landscape and the people living there as well. To look, to feel, to hear and to meet will be the essential elements of this tour. You will be able to talk to the experts in order to learn about wine and soil. Not forgetting the pleasure of tasting excellent wines and local products.

€250  — 3 hours

A great tour to discover Bordeaux vineyards and castles .
Delicious tasting break at 10h in a castle and a meeting with the vineyard manager.

A whole day tour. You will discover the life of the vineyards and the local castles. In your Bluesummer Electric car you will experience castles and vineyards, and get to meet professional men and women who love their art. The wine day tour is marvellous way of discovering the ancient history of the Bordeaux area. Different tastings will keep you very cheerful on this unforgettable day. (Possibility of lunch as an optional extra on request)

€400  — All day long