Comfortably seated behind your guide or in your sidecar, you will visit the heart of the vineyards to learn about and understand their diversity and their generosity.
You will meet and chat with Leon, Marcel or Jean-François – winegrower, oenologist or estate owner.

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Take this unique opportunity to discover
the richness and beauty of the Bordeaux vineyards
and their cultures, the strength of the men who care for them,
the taste and worth of the resulting products.

From the comfort of your sidecar, the 40 minute Tour will introduce you
tothe strength of the land, the bounty of the vineyards
and the beauty of the landscapes of this wonderful wine region.

At the end, you can make the most of
a tasting of traditional local products.


€85 – 40 minutes


40 minutes exploring the great Bordeaux vineyards
and an end-of-tour tasting (cheese and wine)

Settle into your side-car and let yourself be carried away on the 90 minute tour. This route will allow you to see the diversity of Bordeaux vineyards, and the power of the different soils, and also to discover the beauty of the castles and the hospitality of their hosts.

Naturally, it also includes an appointment for tasting.


€149 – 90 minutes

A round trip to discover Bordeaux vineyards and their estates.
2 to 3 stops for 10 minutes with a tasting break (wines and cheeses).

Your sidecar will take you on the Big Tour.
An introduction to all the power and beauty of the Bordeaux wine region and its vineyards. Sights, smells, sounds and encounters will be your watchwords on this extended tour.
You can discuss and exchange ideas with someone passionate about the region, and better understand the wine and the land. This tour is complemented with gourmet tastings.


€349 – 3 hours

Round trip to discover the Bordeaux vineyards and their estates.
A tasting break at 10am in the heart of a castle;
a tasting and an encounter with a vineyard worker.

One crazy day to discover the life of the vineyards and the estates in the region. Your sidecar will take you on an incredible ride through the heart of the estates and vineyards to meet the people who bring them to life, who love their region and their craft.

The Wine Day Tour is a wonderful, extended date with the Bordeaux region and its riches. Round off this unforgettable day with tastings at different estates and a memorable lunch.


€649 – Full day

An introduction to the Bordeaux region
with two tastings, lunch at the heart of an estate
and a tasting in the afternoon.

Wine Bike Tour can also organise customised tours
with the side-car and guides,
as well as any specific request corresponding to your private or
professional needs (wedding, seminar, surprise gift etc …).

Each request will receive a detailed quotation and a special meeting.




A team of friends, with Olivier at the head, all passionate about motorcycles, wine and the Bordeaux region,
who wanted to share their moments of passion with as many people as possible.
They created Wine Bike Tour, a tour company
that takes you around their favourite region
in a charming, unusual mode of transport.



Olivier and his friends wish to show
all the nuances of the Bordeaux wine region
and to reveal its riches…
They want to showcase the strength of human value, the ties that bind people to their culture, their estate and their wines.
They want to bring their clients into the heart of the region’s life and business.

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